We have recently represented a local tenant on a Rent Review of a Convenience Store known as Endon Stores in Stoke-on-Trent. The Landlord was represented by their own appointed agent.

The Landlord’s agent proposed a significant increase on the rent at review, which would seriously affect the tenant’s bottom line. The tenant required us to assist them promptly, as they could not afford this inflated rent moving forward during Covid-19 restrictions.

We took note of the tenant’s aims, inspected and measured the premises, then undertook a detailed analysis of the comparable rental market in the near vicinity within a short timeframe.

Due to our guidance and input we were able to reduce the landlord’s proposed rent by 40% and saved our client a considerable amount of money in terms of rent.

We acted quickly and efficiently whilst also keeping our client updated throughout, making sure they were aware of their position and that in our opinion the landlord had inflated the rent considerably over market rent.

Our client had this to say:

“Endon Stores was at the point of changing ownership but was faced with an obstacle related to the rent review. The previous representative had executed every task poorly. However, that’s when I decided to change my rent review representative and contacted Louis Taylor.

The advice and action taken by Louis Taylor was timely and I was updated every step of the way. Absolute top notch performance. Considering my hectic days managing the shop and studies, Louis Taylor made sure that I understood every step and gave me plenty of clear instructions on deadlines, guidance, advice etc. This clarity made it quicker and more efficient to complete any tasks required.

Even when I was in doubt of anything or was not clear of an answer, Louis Taylor always presented strong clear advice to reassure me and build client confidence. I truly felt that Louis Taylor cared about Endon Store’s rent review as much as my father and I did.”

We can provide similar services to other tenants on Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals within South Cheshire and Staffordshire. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you feel that you need our expert assistance.