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SDLT, or Stamp Duty Land Tax, is levied in the UK by the Inland Revenue on all types of property and land transactions, including residential and non-residential commercial property.  

SDLT is paid by everyone purchasing a residential or non-residential property in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. It also applies to overseas buyers, corporate bodies and non natural persons. It applies to non-residential assets whether they are on a freehold, new or existing leasehold property.

Non-residential property includes all types of commercial property, eg:

  • Shops/retail units
  • Offices
  • Garages & workshops
  • Agricultural land
  • Forests
  • Warehouses/sheds/factories
  • Mixed-use property i.e live/work spaces
  • Residential property containing more than a certain number of units

The amount of SDLT you pay depends on the commercial property purchase price.

It is worth taking the commercial SDLT amount into consideration when choosing which property to buy, as a small difference in the transaction value can have a significant impact on the SDLT rate.

Whilst the application of SDLT is neither exciting nor the simplest of subjects… It is a necessary function of property transactions. For that reason we have developed our very own easy to use SDLT calculator on our brand new website.

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