Once you’ve chosen an estate agent, had your home valued and decided on a price, there are a few other things you can do to increase your chances of a sale.

Do some decluttering.

Take the minimalist approach. Keeping rooms clear of clutter allows viewers to see the space they’ll have to play with when it becomes their home. Part of this means depersonalising your property so it’s easier for viewers to imagine themselves living there, so you might think about putting treasured ornaments and family photos out of the way. The same goes for shoes in the entrance hallway or toys left lying around.  

Make the place light and airy.

Darker rooms with more in them look smaller than lighter ones, so after you’ve decluttered, open any blinds and curtains to allow more natural light in. If you have evening viewers or are selling during winter months, add floor or table lamps to rooms that could use a little extra brightness. You can achieve a lot with just a little thought.

Clean up the bathroom and kitchen.

The bathroom should be clean with no signs of mould. Bath, basin, toilet and shower doors should all sparkle. Again, clear away any clutter, put out fresh soap and keep the toilet seat down. Tidiness is a good watchword in the kitchen too. Keep worktops clear, utensils organised and food put away in cupboards. Don’t leave washing up on the draining board. And simply cleaning the windows can make a big difference. In both kitchen and bathroom, cleanliness is a must, so give each one a thorough going over.

Smarten up the outside. 

First impressions mean a lot, so the exterior of your property is important. That goes for the front and the rear. As the front garden is the first thing a potential buyer will see, have it looking spick and span. Sweep the front path and driveway and clear away any stray weeds. Shine up the windows and the front door. Do the same for the back of the house and the rear garden. If your prospective buyers are the kind who like to spend time outdoors, it could clinch things.

What needs fixing?

Even before putting your home on the market you should try to do all the little jobs that you’ve been putting off, such as replacing a damaged wall socket or a cracked window pane, mending a dripping tap, or applying a fresh coat of paint to some tired looking walls. All homes are subject to wear and tear, and paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to smarten things up, plus you can do it yourself. But stick with lighter and more neutral colours that are less likely to turn a prospective buyer off.

Not everyone loves pets.

Bear in mind that your viewer may not be a pet lover, and many people are even allergic to them, so it mightn’t be a good idea to play up your pet. While you might be perfectly at home with stray dog bones, pet beds and litter trays, they could turn off a prospective purchaser. Just tidy up your pet’s things before a viewing.

Clean your home thoroughly.

This might sound like an obvious thing to do, but it’s something that can’t be overstated when trying to create the best impression for a prospective purchaser. In fact it’s so important that many sellers are prepared to hire professionals to clean their home. Carpets, sofas and curtains can accumulate more detritus and subtle smells than most of us realise, particularly if we have pets. And children of course.

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