Whether you’re a complete novice or already have some experience, it’s important to consider a few key points when investing in commercial property.

What can you get for your money?  

You could begin at a modest level or go for something larger scale and potentially higher risk. It all depends on what you can find at the price you can afford – not forgetting ongoing costs for the lifetime of the investment. As with all significant purchases it’s important to consider your budget and also method of finance prior to looking for the right investment.

What about location?

In the same location your investment might get you a better return from one business sector than from another. Do you opt for a local area you’re familiar with, or somewhere unfamiliar but with the potential to produce a greater return on your investment?

Are you investing long or short term?

Think of commercial property as you would any other investment, and consider the longer term returns rather than just the short-term gains. Will you be satisfied with a longer term return, or looking for an immediate return on your investment, perhaps by taking advantage of an ‘unmissable’ opportunity?

The right property for you?

Retail? Office? Industrial? Perhaps you already have specific reasons for choosing a particular property to invest in – because you know the area, you understand the sector the occupying tenant operates in? Perhaps you’ve  worked in or with companies in the commercial property sector. Or quite simply because an affordable local investment opportunity has presented itself.  

How will you finance the purchase?

To ensure you are in the best possible position to acquire your targeted commercial investment it is beneficial to have secured your means of finance prior to submitting an offer. Whether the acquisition is to be funded through cash reserves, via a commercial loan or from proceeds of another sale if you can confirm where the money required is to come from early in the process will give you an advantage.

What experience do you have?

Commercial property investment comes with a host of complexities and potential pitfalls. Regardless of whether you’re a first time investor with no experience, have already had some success and looking for something more adventurous, or you’re a seasoned investor wanting to diversify, you should seek professional advice from a commercial property expert. Louis Taylor Ltd have extensive experience and a proven track record acting for commercial investors and would be very happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice to secure the investment of your choice.

Ongoing management of your investment

Louis Taylor Ltd have extensive and diverse experience managing commercial property investments from small single occupancy premises to much larger complex multi let locations. If you have a commercial investment portfolio or are thinking of starting to invest in commercial property do not hesitate to contact us directly and one of our team will be more than happy to offer advice and detail on the services we offer.

Contact our Commercial Team on info@louis-taylor.co.uk or call 01782 260 222 for more information.